Bud Bible

This guide was so clearly organized that I never once had to turn back a page. In a step by step format the reader is walked through a complete methodology to provide themselves with a constant supple of ridiculously dank product for very little money.


I was blown away tricks and tips that took me years to learn, were all right there. I wish I had this guide when I started out years ago. From seed to smoke, Ryan confidently walks you through the entirety of the process. However, The Growing Elite Bud Bible does not simply operate as a boring technical instructional manual.

Although it does present itself in a very clear step by step instruction manual format, along with beautiful images of some of the high quality bud produced with the provided methodologies. The Ultimate Bud Bible goes beyond simple knowledge and transcends into the world of a friendly interaction. This is a completely stoner friendly book that was actually fun to read. From a fellow grower to another it was truly written from a man of vast experience and wisdom.

In my many years of growing I have stumbled across a plethora of sources for information. The problem I had with these was that they were usually just incredibly vague compilations. Nowadays online it’s even worse the “advice” being passed around on forums. I’ve owned every major book in the marijuana industry since the 70’s. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but most of it is vague and boring. Not only that but they were very often not mediums of information meant to be read by the standard reader. By this I mean that they were literally just clearly “upset” marketing strategies. These were used to push other grow products, like a nutrient line, onto the reader to purchase! I don’t want to open a book on by page three the author is telling me an encourage of specific products to order all from the same source.

The Bud-Bible

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