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Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite Marijuana

To truly understand why Growing Elite Marijuana is so great you have to understand its author, Ryan Riley. For decades he fought with a sincere passion at the idea of growing his own crop.

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Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite Marijuana was very fun to read. The prose was stoner friendly, and at times, incredibly hilarious while continuously remaining serious and engaging. He was not wasting my time trying to sell me more books or equipment. Like many of the ad composed weed literature to come before, Ryan really just shows you how to grow some fantastic sparkling dank tree.

From there he takes you on a trip through the entire process, all while making sure you specifically are getting the best. For example, I have always been interested in growing specifically Indica strains. In the book it covers what you need to know about potency and strain differences (THC, CBD, etc). So I know exactly how to potentiate my plants in the direction most suited.

Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite

Make sure you have the right lighting, a proper light cycle, your soil must be perfect. There are many more variables that need to be taken into account in order to get the best of the best bud supplied in your very own home. Growing Elite Marijuana takes care of these little issues with us, so we never have them.

It was a refreshingly new experience to grow using this book, yes I did give it another go, how could I not?! I wasn’t afraid of being busted. My main concern was the sudden skyrocketing light bill and THE Elite Bud Bible not only taught me how to hide my new power usage. But also to lower my energy even lower than it was before! It was certainly an investment that paid back at a one hundredfold minimum.

All in all this was a fantastic read and experience. Even though I hate that guy more than anything I kind of have to pay my respects to my old dealer for pissing me off so much. Thanks I found this remarkable Bud Bible.

Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite

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