Every stoner has the dream of owning their very own marijuana garden, a fantasy of fantastic Kush growing in the privacy of your own property. Without anyone knowing, an oasis of bud – to smoke as much as they wish. It makes sense, and it doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

I thought Growing Elite Marijuana would be an interesting read which is why I bought it. Not because I thought I could actually finance or go through with the actual operation. Well I could and I did thanks to the incredibly simplistic growing method introduced in Growing Elite Marijuana system. Now I have an unlimited supply of my own weed, and I never stop smiling!

There is an infinitely valuable information available in THE Ultimate Bud Bible Growing Elite Marijuana. Ryan Riley includes a total of eight additional bonuses completely free. Once I finished my first crop rotation and really put Ryan’s words to the test I was more than satisfied. I ended up planting my second crop not even two weeks later.

I went out in the field one day to check on my babies and I could not believe my eyes. There were little bugs eating my God damn treasured plants! I didn’t want to use pesticides because it can create an incredibly bad tasting and harsh smoke.

Desperately I tried to remove them one by one, obviously that was not going to work. I remembered one of the books that came with my Ultimate Bud Bible was the Cannabis Care Manual. Six days later I had a shipment of ladybugs but my soldiers were looking rough. I released the ladybugs and they did their job eating all those miniscule bug bastards eating my prized cannabis plants.

Thankfully, most of my plants recovered and are still growing healthily. Ryan’s Cannabis Care Manual really saved my ass. Inside the manual is about every condition, every unfortunate condition, your plants might find themselves, disasters you didn’t even know would happen to you Ryan has seen it all. A lot of plants can develop mold spores, spider mites, and can even get so stressed that they die. This additional book is really a trouble shooting guide that very quickly allows you to identify any symptoms of an unhealthy marijuana plant.

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