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There is a very simple methodology presented in just getting the right seeds to germinate. Stimulate the growth of your new beautiful sapling into a grand flower worthy of harvesting for it’s sweet buds. The method in and of itself is not complicated. That is why I was always having difficulty growing, because I had complicated pumping systems and the wrong kind of lighting. Simple little things like that destroyed my plants, if I ever got them to sprout, and wasted thousands of my dollars. It is why I gave up, because I didn’t have a simple way to grow.

The little tips that will keep you from making the horrific and costly mistakes Ryan and I had been making for frustratingly long are the true substance that substantiates the easy growing method. Make sure you have the right lighting, a proper light cycle, your soil must be perfect, and there are many more variables that need to be taken into account in order to get the best of the best bud supplied in your very own home. Growing Elite Marijuana takes care of these little issues with us, so we never have them.

It was a refreshingly new experience to grow using this book, yes I did give it another go, how could I not?! I wasn’t afraid of being busted, my main concern was the sudden skyrocketing light bill. THE Elite Bud Bible not only taught me how to hide my new power usage but also to lower my energy even lower than it was before! It was certainly an investment that paid back at a one hundredfold minimum.


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